Rear suspension Bushings replacement

 Here is our 1970 Ghia convertible before shots. We have had the car since 2009 and I have done a lot of work to get it back to decent condition. It's hard to tell but the rear end sags about 3-4 degrees from the car being level.  When driving the rear end seems to not track to well at freeway speeds.
After removing the wheel, trailing arm, trailing arm pivot bolt, swing arm, torsion bar cover etc. I removed the old shot rubber bushings and cleaned up the swing arm and cover, then painted them. Without the new rubber bushings installed I indexed the swing arm onto the torsion bar until I had the correct angle. I used my iphone with a angle app to gauge the angle at 22 degrees + or -. My original measurement before disassembly was 17 degrees so that is a lot of sag.

Achieving the 22 degrees I white painted the torsion bar and swing arm to mark the correct position.

Next I installed the inner rubber bushing coated with talcum powder index to the white paint mark.

Then the outer rubber bushing
The cover goes on using two longer bolts at opposite corners to pull the cover over the bushing and suck the inner bushing into place.                                             

Then using a piece of allthread and some angle brackets I pulled the swing arm into the locked bottom position on the swing arm mount. This is pretty difficult as the the torsion bar is being twisted and loaded as its a spring.                                                         

This is the trailing arm pivot bolt that I have to clean up as when its installed with some grease it is a bearing surface for the trailing arm.